Aingeal Rose & Ahonu invite you to two Book Writing & Publishing Coaching opportunities in May 2020

We are delighted to invite you to two 12-week small group coaching workshops starting this May. Ahonu’s Amazing Book Coaching (ABC) — Joyful Steps From Idea to Author — is starting 17th May. Following quickly after that is the Book Publishing Retreat starting on the 24th May. Both run for 12 consecutive Sundays starting at 4pm PST with a maximum of 4 participants on each.

Supported by Aingeal Rose, Ahonu delivers an unforgettable experience crowned with astonishing book writing and book publishing success!

1) Book Writing Coaching starts 17 May for 12 weeks

2) Book Publishing starts 24th May for 12 weeks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an author? Has the thought or desire crossed your mind that you would like to write a book, share your knowledge or tell your story? Well, now’s your chance! To do it, we’re immersing you in a literary, memorable experience!

Book publishers and authors Ahonu & Aingeal Rose will coach a 12-week book writing ONLINE LIVE starting Sunday 17th May at 10am PST. Imagine the possibilities… doors opening for you in ways you’ve never dreamed of… being seen as THE AUTHORITY in your field… opportunities coming to you to speak and be featured… clients reaching out to you… getting your message in front of thousands of the right people… additional streams of income — whoah, wait! — forget all that and let’s start at the beginning and be real.

In this small, intimate group coaching experience for 4 people, your specialist coaching will focus on how to start your book and keep going, finding your voice, where to find inspiration, how to use intuitive guidance, organizing your thoughts into chapters, secrets to getting your thoughts down, when and how to edit, content guidance from beginning to end and much more! This is a rare opportunity and will only be offered once this year.

Your secret to authorship will be an amazing retreat for so many reasons.

Here’s what participants have said:

I am tremendously grateful I joined Ahonu’s book coaching. His insightful, expert coaching ensures success in a personalized way. He understands our relationship with our own content and he is tremendously attuned to the evolution of consciousness his authors are engaged in. His authentic trust in my brilliance (and all his students) enhanced my confidence to complete my book. ~ Donna Wolf, Sound Bridging

Thank you both for your incredible contribution to our world and time — mine especially :) ~ Kimberly Dawn

Already have your book written?

The following week in a similar coaching program Ahonu & Aingeal Rose will teach you how to PUBLISH your book. It is joyful steps from paper to published! If you have been sitting on your manuscript not knowing how to either self-publish it, or have it published, this is the workshop for you. Everything from copyright, ISBNs, front matter, back matter, cover design, interior layout and design, ePubs, Kindle books, Amazon and lots more will be covered in detail in this compelling workshop.

To register for these unique and very special book writing and publishing group coaching programs, choose either book writing or book publishing, or both!


  • There will be only 4 people on each workshop.
  • You will be provided with the secure conference link upon registration.
  • Have your work with you on your computer or on paper.
  • Come prepared for a hard-working, highly engaging workshop that first and foremost, is fun, exciting and extremely rewarding!
  • All times are PST. Greenwich Mean Time is 7 hours ahead of Pacific Time.
  • Prices are in USD but our shopping cart is multi-currency so you can pay in Euro.

Any problems registering, call us on 224–588–8026. We are looking forward to seeing you and celebrating your success as a writer and published author!

Blessings & bye for now,

Professional Publishing, Personal Power & Cool Coaching

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have published over 1,000 books, several of which deal with how to remain positive and grow in awareness. The 100-book series “Answers From The Akashic Records” is available for only $7.99 each from The Kindle books are only $2.99. Along with publishing books on consciousness, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu teach how to read the Akashic Records here. You can find more from Ahonu & Aingeal Rose from our Facebook community: Visit our website: SUBSCRIBE on YouTube for more consciousness-expanding podcasts and videos!



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