Aingeal Rose & Ahonu recommends…

We hope this shortlist will bring you a prosperous, loving, expanded, empowered New Year!

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu recommends...

Many people ask Aingeal Rose & Ahonu what companies and software they are affiliated with and/or recommend for running a consciously aware business. Here is that shortlist.

  1. bCast: bCast is a podcast hosting, distribution, and analytics platform designed to transform listeners into followers. We use it for our World of Empowerment podcast.

We wanted to send you this list before the holidays, but we never made it. There is other software we use too, so let us know if this was helpful and we’ll send you more. We hope you find something on the list to help you have a prosperous, loving, expanded, empowered year in 2023!

Blessings and bye for now,

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu recommends...

P.S. We’ll be in touch again soon. Stay safe and stay warm!

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