Akashic Records on Aliens, Evolution, Grief, Love as Currency, Seeding Life, The Future, and more!

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
5 min readFeb 11, 2024

This group Akashic Records session with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu gets answers from the Akashic Records about Aliens, Evolution, Grief, Love as the ultimate currency, Seeding Life on Earth and other planets, the Future of humanity, and more!

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Group Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Explore the Mysteries of Earth’s Renewal & Unseen Realms from the Akashic Records 🌍✨

Immerse yourself in spiritual wisdom and enlightening conversations with the latest group Akashic Records session on World of Empowerment Radio!

In our latest episode, Aingeal Rose and Ahonu delve into some of the most profound spiritual discussions of our time. Joined by a stellar panel including Margaret, Martha, Monica, Hasyo, Claire, Kim, and Marie, we explore Akashic Records topics ranging from climate change to alien intelligence, soul growth, and the power of love as currency.

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Here’s a sneak peek at what we uncovered in this Akashic Records sesion:

🔥 **Natural Cycles or Human Impact?** Understand climate realities with our expert panel including Martha and Monica, as they discuss whether humanity’s actions are truly causing climate change or if we’re part of a grand cycle of planetary renewal.

🌍 **Healing or Revealing?** Claire asks a thought-provoking question: Does Mother Earth require healing, or is it our perspectives that need transformative shifts for global betterment?

👽 **Alien Intelligences & Unseen Companions** The Akashic Records are a vastness of intelligence, both seen and unseen. Watch as Hasyo and Kim discern through the different alien races and the potentially invisible species among us shaped by unique cosmic environments.

💔 **Grief: A Pathway to Soul Growth** Ahonu stirs the discussion by asking how men and women process loss differently, providing insights into how our darkest moments may fuel the evolution of our very souls.

✨ **Spiritual Insights & Colorful Journeys** Aingeal Rose opens up about her visions of colors and their meanings while tackling inquiries on life’s greater conflicts, the roles of extraterrestrials, and the complexities of reincarnation.

📜 **Journaling Your Way to Higher Dimensions** Experience the power of the pen as Aingeal Rose and Ahonu discuss the impact of journaling on personal growth and our understanding of the universe’s mysteries.

🙏 **Guidance from Beyond** Discover techniques to connect with your off-planet friends and family through heartfelt accounts and advice on tapping into your higher guidance.

We invite you to join Aingeal Rose and Ahonu as they blend wisdom with warmth, guiding each of us toward personal and planetary enlightenment. Remember to subscribe to not miss out on any future explorations into the unknown!

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We appreciate your presence, your questions, and your ever-curious spirit as we journey through these discussions together.

Key takeaways from this Group Akashic Records session:

- 🌱 **Earth’s Natural Cycles**: Discover how events like wildfires are seen as forms of regeneration by Gaia, and not just as destructive forces, shifting our perspective on climate change and natural disasters.

- 👁️ **Unseen Realms & Connections**: Learn about the rich tapestry of existence stretching beyond our physical world, the potential of unseen beings around us, and how we might communicate with off-planet entities.

- 💔➡️💖 **Embracing Emotional Transformation**: Understand from the Akashic Records the different ways in which men and women may experience and cope with grief, and how these profound emotional experiences contribute to our soul’s evolution.

This discussion isn’t just thought-provoking; it’s a journey of discovery from the Akashic Records that could redefine your understanding of our planet, our universe, and our place within it.

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Questions to ask yourself after experiencing this Akashic Records session:

  1. Considering the episode’s perspective on climate change as a natural cycle of renewal and evolution, how can we distinguish between climate events that are part of this natural cycle versus those exacerbated by human activities?
  2. How might the notion that the Earth does not require healing but humans need to examine their thoughts and beliefs shift our approach to environmental activism?
  3. In discussing different alien races and their varied intelligences shaped by their environments, can we draw parallels to how diverse human cultures have developed in response to Earth’s varying climates and geographies?
  4. What implications do you think the existence of unseen species and beings on different levels of consciousness has on our understanding of the natural world and our place in it?
  5. How do you interpret the idea that men’s and women’s differing responses to grief can contribute to soul growth, particularly for men?
  6. Aingeal Rose places importance of discernment when connecting with off-planet beings. How can individuals cultivate discernment in their spiritual practices, especially regarding extraterrestrial communication?
  7. As Aingeal Rose suggests journaling as a method to be with energies and uncover feelings, what are some ways journaling can effectively facilitate personal growth and understanding?
  8. Given Aingeal Rose’s explanation of Gaia viewing events like fires as regeneration, how does this perspective alter our interpretation of natural disasters and our responses to them?
  9. In the conversation around seeding life on other planets, what ethical considerations should be considered when discussing extraterrestrial intervention or genetic modification as methods of creation?
  10. Reflecting on the stability of Earth compared to other more ethereal places in the universe, how does the concept of Earth’s solidity and stability influence our understanding of the human experience and physical reality?

Listen and let us know your thoughts right here, on our World of Empowerment website, or on YouTube! 🎧✍️

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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