Akashic Records Profundity #12

This is the 12th of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (http://amzn.to/2FaJ1HL).

Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 12th statement says, “All humanity has the capacity to develop the ability to receive unlimited divine knowledge.”

Q. Can the Records be changed?

A. NO, they can only be added to. Let’s say science/technology has discovered a way to go back into the past and change an event — the original event is still recorded as it happened. You can’t go back and take something out of existence once it has existed. You are really creating a new event in a certain time period, but you are not taking away the old event.

Q. Who are the ‘Lords’ of the Records?

A. They are Beings whose job it is to ‘guard’ them — they make sure each person’s Records do not get mixed vibrationally with another’s. They are not Beings who demand any kind of permission. As mentioned previously, the Records have their own safeguards against those with impure intent.

Q. Is the name ‘Lords’ an appropriate name for them?

A. Yes — the name ‘lord’ in this case means ‘overseer’ or ‘guardian’. It does not refer to any kind of adoration or hierarchy.

Q. Do you need to ask these Lords for permission to access these Records?

A. No. It is their job to keep the Records in order. As mentioned previously, the Records have their own safeguard for entry and access. The permission is asked to gain access of the person being read, and it is they and their own higher aspects that agree to this.

You can find out more about the Akashic Records here: https://aingealrose.com

For an Akashic Records reading from Aingeal Rose, go here: https://links.ahonu.com/aingealrose



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