Are You Under The Veil of Forgetfulness

Are you under the veil of forgetfulness?

hile my wife and I were in Ireland this summer, we sat in a small cafe that was created by a loving community in Kilcullen, County Kildare, called The Bridge Camphill Community. It helps people of all abilities to create a meaningful and sustainable life. On that day, we talked about the veil of forgetfulness that prevents a meaningful and sustainable life in each one of us, but more about that in a minute.

As we sat on the patio of the Camphill Community café that day by the river, with the kitchen noises of plates and knives and forks and pots and pans clattering in the background and the butterflies from their organic garden fluttering around us, we wondered if it would be too noisy to discussed this principle, the veil of forgetfulness, and the possibility we might have, inbuilt into us, a wonderful potential to remember our true, divine organic selves. My wife, Aingeal Rose, placed the voice-recorder mid-way between us on the small breakfast table. It’s here that we explored this ancient flaw in our capacity, this source of guilt, this concept of the veil of forgetfulness that afflicts us. So please stay with us in this short unraveling and enjoy the virtual aroma of coffee as it wafts across the airwaves to you.

We are born with this veil of forgetfulness already in place. I often wondered what exactly was this veil of forgetfulness, and what form did it take? I’m not sure if it’s a little organic film that divides the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Maybe we should have had only one sphere for a brain in the first place? Maybe this veil is all around us, in the air, in the ether, in the atmosphere? Perhaps in the energy grids of the Earth? Or is it in our DNA? Whatever form it takes, it prevents full memory of our Divinity, full capacity of our human potential, and prevents us from accessing that part of our minds that knows God (and that is different for everyone).

This veil of forgetfulness has been with us for a long time. It’s been so long, centuries, eons even, that we’ve built up what we now know as karma. It seems, in trying to understand it, we must get back before that, to when we came in with an intention to a planet, or a galaxy, or a universe or wherever, and we had full memory of the Godhead. At some point, we must have had full awareness of our purpose, and our intention, and our abilities. Can we remember what that feels like?

There are many people in the metaphysical spiritual community looking at the makeup of words. As an artist, I’ve been working with the frequency of sound for quite some time on my gallery website at I use sound in the Spirit of Love project, and I use the sound of a person’s family name in the Family Crest and Ancestral Healing art I do. But what struck me about our subject today on the veil of forgetfulness, in terms of the frequency of a word, is the word “veil” transposes itself into “evil” and vice versa. No matter what language you learn, or what tradition you are born into, or what your first language is, all words always carry a frequency that have meaning to you. You get your own interpretation of them that brings the meaning and understanding for you. But to help our understanding, there are words we have to look at, and today, we’re looking at this veil of forgetfulness.

If you take the word “forget”, fore would be prior to, or before. It is prior to getting or realizing something. So here we are in ignorance, prior to us getting anything. This is what fore-get-fulness is. Then if you also look at the other side of that coin, the remembering. Re-member. Member is being a member of a community, and here we are sitting in the Bridge Camphill Community in Kilcullen. Now, as a member of this community, you are entitled to all kinds of things, including organic vegetables and many wonderful treats in their deli, and in their café and in their food store. And by extension, as a member of the human community of Earth life itself, you are entitled to all the benefits of a divine spiritual being of God/Source creation.

But we have somehow accepted we are NOT members of the God Community. We are told at every twist and turn we are not members of the angelic realm, that we are lower than that. We are told we are sinners. We are told we are not worthy, we have a veil over us, we are evil, and we’ve accepted it all!

Today, as we talk about the veil of forgetfulness, we are in stark realization of how this veil limits our brain potential. Let’s look at the word “veil” again, this time without transposing it. We understand when we’re born, we are born without the memory of God. We are born having no recollection of the glory, or the joy, or the happiness, or the feeling of connection, or the certainty of God’s love. Instead, we’re landed in the midst of chaos, and uncertainty, and disarray. Just like the veil (VEIL) of forgetfulness, we find ourselves in a “vale” (VALE) of tears.

Let’s also look at the word “forgiven”. Again, the word starts with fore, or before, and finishes with given. So it is before-given. This means we were always before given, not after the event. We committed no sin that needed to be forgiven. So, the forgiveness of this sin, (and I am using “sin” in inverted commas) is not in need of any kind of therapy, or technique, to resolve it. It may be just a case of realizing, and believing, that we are all innocent. Just talking about this today, I realized I committed no original sin! And I don’t believe you did either!

It’s my opinion this veil of forgetfulness was the original sin. This was the lie, the evil that placed a veil in front of our fore-given Godliness. The twist of truth that has been blamed on each one of us, individually and collectively. For me, the more serious “sin” is that we’ve accepted it! We accepted it as some kind of blotch, or a black mark on our souls. We believed in guilt and shame. And we paid a hefty price ever since. But have you ever considered we might all be innocent?

When religions talk about original sin, they say we committed it. It wasn’t that we committed anything. It is that we are subject to forgetfulness. If anything is to be a sin, this is it. But you and I didn’t commit it. When you consider what an affliction our loss of memory is, that is the sin I am referring to. What fixes this sin, is not a priest waving holy water over you. It’s not praying ceaselessly to some punishing God for mercy. It’s not doing rounds and rounds of penance. It’s this…

Just for a moment, think of the possibility that if you could be born with full memory of the Godhead, wouldn’t you come in with an incredible, powerful remembrance of pure love? Wouldn’t you be full of powerful certainty? Wouldn’t you have an amazing disposition? Wouldn’t you be invincible? Wouldn’t you be all-knowing? Wouldn’t you be coming in with such awesome creativity? And wouldn’t you be here now with an amazing, unbridled love for your brothers and sisters, and all life everywhere?

I now believe this potential must be available to all of us at some place, at some time, at some level of understanding. And why not now? Right here, right now. It might be just a case of choosing it. We might already have the wherewithal to access it.

So, we have come into the realization that yes, something in our past has been preventing us from stepping into our own power. Some veil of fore-getting, something fore-gotten but all the time fore-given, is now lifted. Because realizing that in itself, is all that’s needed to begin to accept the birthright of our amazing creativity and potential! In other words, that was then. This is now!

Like the ancient Hawaiian principle of Ho’oponopono, if I see a problem I think is outside of me, it must be inside me too. In this way, I now take responsibility for my part in the forgetfulness. I fore-give myself for fore-getting who I am. I fore-give myself back to God. I fore-give myself for being asleep and fore-getting. I acknowledge I was a party to the grand deception. I fore-give to those who lied to me in their own blindness. I accept their fore-giveness. I accept their innocence too. I accept your fore-giveness, and I accept your innocence too.

Aingeal Rose and I are blessed by your willingness to read this too. We are grateful this opportunity came up to explore our participation in the weaving of the veil of forgetfulness. We are grateful to the Bridge Camphill Community whose wonderful space in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland, spawned our discussion into awareness. As we sat on the patio of the café sipping the last dregs of our Columbian coffee, the morning sunlight glanced off the River Liffey, flickering through the trees. It was the light of hope. It was the light of light! It was the light of awareness.

We understood now from this moment, we say ‘no’ to any further participation in the game of memory loss. We chose now to remember our Godliness. We chose now to reconnect with our soul’s purpose. We chose now to realign with our divinity.

The sunlight caught Aingeal Rose’s eyes, making them sparkle like diamonds. I took her by the hand and looked deep into her sparkles. The words came to me slowly, stuttering, but certain sure.

“For the part of me that perceives my self as separate, I accept responsibility for perpetuating the lies. I am sorry for all or any perceived hurt I may have caused to you, and to all life everywhere, by participating in this ego game of forgetfulness. I am sorry that I believed I could be separate from God, that I could be guilty of something I didn’t do. I am sorry for all the judgments I made about you, and I am sorry that heretofore, I have not loved you in my full capacity as a son of God. And I accept your forgiveness of me.”

As the volunteer staff came to wipe down the tables and prepare for the lunchtime rush, we held our love close. We savored the moments of being fully aware of the light of God in our lives. She picked up the voice-recorder and held her finger over the stop button. Before she turned off the recorder, she said to you, our precious readers, “We are touched by your presence. We are grateful for your attention to us today. Now we all know how to love!”



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