Awakening: How Humanity Is Breaking Free from the Constraints of a Measurable Universe.

This episode explores the idea that anything measurable is a lie and argues that love cannot be measured. We discuss the concept of awakening to the “false matrix” and question the validity of near-death-experiences and the influence of authority figures. We examine the limitations of human understanding when it comes to love and the purpose of reproduction. Listeners are challenged to reconsider their beliefs about reality, the afterlife, and the nature of love.

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
13 min readSep 16, 2023

No matter what social media channel you tune into these days, you’re going to get the negativity and the deceit and the lies and the terror and the horrible things that are going on in this world. But equally, you’re going to get the good things if you look closely enough. And what we’re finding is that the people who are experiencing good things in this day and age on social media and around the world in person, through meetings and personal encounters, are finding an awakening.

This has been going on for a long time, but it’s very interesting to see an acceleration. And what we’re finding is that it’s people who you would not expect it to be happening to and we find that rather fascinating.

What’s happening now is Aingeal Rose and I find ourselves in discussions and we’ve been doing this, of course, for 17 years, since we first met and we didn’t always record these conversations. So what you’re going to witness now is an intimate conversation between myself and Aingeal Rose, where we discuss things of critical importance to ourselves in terms of what’s happening in the world, but also reflecting a kind of an awareness that we weren’t quite sure of before, but are now growing more and more certain about what’s happening to ourselves and to countless people all over the world.

We find this awakening very encouraging, we find it very exciting, but also daunting in lots of ways. But how am I trying to say here? Let’s not be worried because in fact the good things that are happening far outweigh the bad. We just need to have that courage, we need to have that resilience and we need to have that determination and we need to know that we are connected to divine light, God/Source, in everything that we do, and therefore the only thing of any importance is love, and once we have that, we will not be defeated in any way whatsoever.

Maharishi used to say that the purpose of meditation is to transcend what we call reality. And everything in reality is only there because we can measure it. So anything you can measure is a lie.

Anything you can measure is a lie.

The reason for that is because science and humanity tries to measure everything, including the speed of light and the speed of sound. They’re able to measure that the speed of light is so and so, and the speed of sound is so and so, and one inch volume contains this much air or mass or whatever it is. An inch or a mile is this many units. But if it can be measured, it’s false. It’s a lie, it’s a reality construct in this measurable universe.


Think about unconditional love. Can you measure love? No. Can you put any measurement at all on it? Can you say it’s this volume or it’s that length or it’s that height or it’s that capacity? No, you can’t. That’s why, when A Course In Miracles says that all there is is love, there is only love, that’s where humanity has to get to; that we are uncontainable, we’re immeasurable. Because anything less than that is not love, and anything that’s not love is measurable. Therefore it’s a reality construct and a lie.

In one of our videos we ask the question, is the tunnel of light a trick? And indeed any of those layers and levels of awareness after death, they’re all tricks and lies because they can all be measured. If it’s measured, then it’s not true love. It’s not pure, it’s not perfection.

Yes, you say, but a lot of those near death experiencers say they feel expansion. They describe how they feel one with everything, and don’t want to come back.

Why do they come back? The question is valid. Why would anybody come back? Think about the likes of saints and sages and gurus. Think of Jesus or Babaji or any of them; why would they incarnate here and put themselves into a false construct for any reason?

Supposedly it’s to wake up people, because with Babaji, he comes and goes, but his whole point is to wake people up. They come here out of love for humanity, but they would have to come in with that knowing. That’s why he can come in and out or be in two places at one time. All that phenomena (some call them miracles) is because they have the knowing that this is a false matrix. They’re not bound by the measurement of height and weight and size and volume and capacity and all those things.

It reminds me also of the book that we were reading about the moon being an artificial satellite. If it’s measurable yes, it is, and the same with our sun, it has to be an artificial construct. Now, that’s not to say that humans made it. or aliens made it, but if it’s measurable, it has to be less than infinity.

I’m basically saying that all form is an illusion.

It’s hard to wrap your head around. I feel like, as I’m writing this, I’m in the Matrix movie. Penny Kelly has said that sometimes when she’s in a dream, she’s in layers, in a dream, in a dream, 5 times deep. That’s a perfect example. I don’t know how many levels there are, but if it’s a level at all, it’s a fabrication.

Is there any time when we’re not in a dream? Not until we are in pure love.

I also had been thinking about childbirth, because when my first baby Ryan died, my question was, why did he die? That’s why I wrote the book “Why Did He Die?”

Ahonu's Awakening

Any birth has to be a fabrication, too, when you think about it. Well, they want you to keep reproducing because the astral level of demons want to keep feeding off the human. Yes. It’s food, it’s fodder, it’s materialism. It’s nothing to do with the infinity of love. Nothing at all to do with it.

We love our children and we love each other, and we think, oh, love is wonderful. But we have no idea what love is, really. We may get snippets of it or an insight into it, or perhaps a feeling of it, or a vague idea of what it is. But I think if we had an awakening, an experience of God’s love, we wouldn’t come back here, ever!

People who have near-death experiences, don’t want to come back. None of them want to come back, but they’re told by someone or something to turn around and go back. Even though their experiences might be wonderful and beautiful, they’re still obeying authority figures. That is the illusion — you have to obey an authority figure. There’s no sovereignty there, but there is sovereignty in real love. There has to be. They’re one and both the same thing, and it’s infinite. That’s an awakening.

It comes back to the issue of, now that you know, you can’t unknow something, but how do you manifest pure love in its Godliness, in its God state? Or when you die, how much wherewithal do you have? I think very little, very little indeed. That’s why when somebody dies, they obey the authority figured and they believe they see Jesus and their relations.

What’s that about? It’s all implanted.

It’s a big issue. And when we talk about fourth dimension and fifth dimension, they are all illusions too, because the whole idea of levels is bogus. All of that is a measure. It’s an illusion and a fabrication and a deception. But we cling to it because, in the absence of anything better, we think, okay, Jeez, if I can go to a different level, if I can come up a level and have a better understanding and so on, it’s better than where I was, for sure. But in that place of pure love and divine perfection, there can be no level. How could there be levels? How could there be dimensions and splits? When you have an awakening, why would you want to go asleep again? There can’t be.

All religion is helplessness.

That’s a pretty strong statement. From my own experience being born and raised in holy Catholic Ireland, I remember as a child, as an altar boy going to Mass every Sunday, and after Mass, all the adults would leave the church to go to the pub. In the pub they’d drink and curse and swear and deride their friends and neighbors, and complain and bitch. It’s like the act of going to the church at all was to absolve them of all the previous week’s negativity. This was the routine, this was the life and this was the culture in which I was brought up in. Thankfully, I recognized there was something false about it.

It was only when I went to live and work in a different country, in Libya and in Egypt, for example, that I saw things differently. I lived amongst the Arab culture and witnessed the Muslim way of life. I saw these men who would go out into the desert and kneel and face towards Mecca and pray five times a day. My culture prayed once a week at Sunday Mass, and here were these guys praying five times a day! I remember as a young man being so impressed, thinking such devotion, such reverence. It was absolutely stunning at the time, but what I didn’t realize was that all religions are a deception.

It’s a very good thing for young people to travel because it gets you out of your own upbringing, out of your own indoctrination to witness a different culture, a different language, a different way of life, a different belief system. What it’s doing, actually, is opening your mind, an awakening of sorts. It’s not that any one is right or the other is wrong. It’s opening your mind to the fact that somebody else can think differently to you and interpret God in a different way.

What is interesting, though, is that all the gods in all the religions are all about slavery. Why do I say that? It’s because, like earlier, when I say anything that can be measured and finite is a falseness. In exactly the same way, all our senses, (our five recognizable senses I’m talking about, there are others, of course) but the five recognizable senses in the physical body of touch, taste, hearing, smell, seeing, they’re all designed to keep us here, all designed to keep us in a body, to prevent our awakening.

Why? Because when somebody touches you or you touch somebody else, you are identifying the confines of a body. And if you touch the wall or you touch the chair or you touch somebody else, you’re identifying the confines of your own body and the confines of that other person or that other object, thereby creating a limitation. You see something, you are identifying the confines of that thing or that person or that building, but you’re also identifying that you’re separate from it. You’re here and that’s there. That’s 6ft away, 100ft away, a mile away, whatever.

So, all those senses, what you hear, and even if you think of an animal in the forest, two ears prick up, oh, there’s danger over there to the right, and I will be consumed if I don’t run. So there’s them and us. There’s the separation. Every sense is designed for separation.

Now, how can that be right? How can that be pure? How can that be love?

The senses are like a measurement. The senses are a falseness. The senses are an identification with the body, and that is not pure love. That is enslavement.

Think about that for a moment. It’s basically saying the whole body is an illusion. But we know that from all the masters. We know that from A Course In Miracles. We know it from any of the great teachings. So any form of identification or attachment to a physicality is not pure love. And that’s where this great awakening, this time of change is important.

This great awakening, this time of change is bringing us into consciousness, to mind travel. It’s bringing us into an awareness that there are other ways of doing things, there are other ways of “seeing” things, but those senses have to go. In this new awareness, in our awakening, we’re not seeing with our eyes, we’re not hearing with our ears. It’s a knowing, and that knowing is coming from an awareness of Pure Love which has no boundaries.

In this awakening, we’re moving into the awareness of unboundedness. We’re moving into the awareness of what Pure Love might be. I say ‘might be’ because it’s like when you move to a new country, you don’t know the language at first. You may pick up some nuances. And here we are at this great time of change and we’re picking up nuances about what Pure Love might be, what a sound of closeness or love might be, even if feelings exist in that place, we don’t know, but we feel the beginnings of an awakening.

It’s a sort of growth of awareness that might say this is far more than what I have known in my home country or in my upbringing as a human on Earth. So it’s absolutely wonderful, it’s exciting, it’s amazing. It’s mind blowing in the most beautiful sense because clearly our minds are finite right now in this 3D reality. They must be, because we don’t really know what love is at all. We think we know because we have sensations of love and they’re all to do with feeling in a physical body which is finite, which is an attachment. So it’s exciting times to be in the great awakening.

We’re on the threshold of something magnificent, and we’re desperately trying to learn the language, or understand the new culture of where we’re entering into. The key to this is not to be confined by any identification with it or an attachment to where we are coming from.

Not only do the five senses contain us, time is designed to contain us.

We rise at six or seven or 08:00 in the morning and the sun rising clearly delineates something that has now gone past. We work during the times of light and then it gets dark and this delineates time has passed by and we get tired and it’s time to sleep. All designed to keep us confined in a physical body that needs rest, all to prevent our awakening.

That has to be falseness because Pure Love must not know tiredness. How can it? Pure Love must not know time. How can it? And why should it? Pure Love must know no boundaries at all of any kind and no attachment to anything. How could it? So this business of Greenwich Meantime and Pacific time Zone and Mountain time zone are all illusionary stuff to keep us contained in some kind of a tradition, some kind of an obedience to rules and regulations and laws and perception of past, present and future.

Even the perception of beauty is a time bound human perception.

That all raises another issue that we need to talk about and that is the idea of right and wrong. Aingeal Rose just pointed out to me that I gave the impression, or perhaps even said, that the body is wrong or the senses are wrong. That in itself points out that our language, no matter what language it is that our humans choose to speak, is also limited and designed to confine. We don’t have the words to describe love. We don’t have the ability to envision or become aware of the enormity of love. Even the words ‘enormity’ or ‘vastness’ are not adequate to describe pure love.

And so therefore, we’re trying to grasp at something from a place of limitation. It’s not that anything is wrong because we’re like children who haven’t a breeze of the wider world, and we’re grasping at learning from every possibility as we grow. We explore this and we learn about that, and we love dinosaurs and we love Batman and all the things that inspire us to explore a little bit more, realizing that there’s a world of infinite possibilities out there as far as a child is concerned.

Here we are as adults in the same way, coming to a point of a dimensional split even, that has its own connotations. We look with this awareness of an awakening that there’s infinite possibilities out there but how do we grasp, how do we have the words, how do we have the mindset even to come to terms with the potential of it, the possibility of it? It shows how our words and our minds are inadequate to grasp, but we see a hint, we see a little crack, a fissure that we can possibly get an idea of what’s out there or what’s coming towards us.

This awakening is exciting, it’s amazing. These are words that I can only use to try and portray to myself and others that this is beautiful, this is gorgeous, this is exciting. See the limitation in the words?

Here are some questions to contemplate:

  1. How do you interpret the idea that anything measurable is a lie?
  2. Do you agree with the notion that love cannot be measured? Why or why not?
  3. What are your thoughts on the concept of the ‘false matrix’ and the idea that any form is an illusion?
  4. How does the discussion of near-death-experiences challenge traditional beliefs about the afterlife?
  5. Do you believe that authority figures play a role in influencing people’s decisions to come back from near-death-experiences? Why or why not?
  6. How does the understanding of love described in this episode differ from your own understanding?
  7. Do you think humans have a limited understanding of love? Why or why not?
  8. How does the idea of reproduction as a fabrication impact your beliefs about childbirth and the purpose of human existence?
  9. What are your thoughts on the connection between love and the concept of infinity?
  10. How does this episode challenge your beliefs about reality and the nature of existence?

Here is a summary:

  1. Measurable things are considered false or lies.
  2. Love cannot be measured or quantified.
  3. The false matrix implies that any form is an illusion.
  4. Near-death-experiences raise questions about the afterlife and the authority of individuals to come back.
  5. Human love is limited and incomparable to God’s love.
  6. People who have near-death-experiences often do not want to come back.
  7. Authority figures may play a role in influencing people’s decisions to return from near-death-experiences.
  8. The concept of reproduction is linked to the feeding of astral level demons.
  9. Human understanding of love is limited and incomplete.

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Blessings and bye from myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.



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