Becoming Unshakeable

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
3 min readAug 22, 2022

Have you been looking to connect deeper to yourself and discover more of what is available to you by reclaiming your power as the feminine?

Well, we have a special and sacred event just for you!

Aingeal Rose was invited by Katie MacDonald, an incredible women’s empowerment coach, to speak at a free summit called BECOMING UNSHAKEABLE.

Aingeal Rose says, “We came together to film a unique new training session on Manifesting. This interview is 1 of over 20 special training sessions designed to help you in awakening your sexual energy, optimizing your mindset and fully owning your divine feminine power.”

Becoming Unshakeable

Katie is a woman devoted to empowering women all over the world so they can live fully expressed and embodied lives doing what they love. She creates beautiful communities and crafts powerful containers and experiences for women to release what is blocking them from aligning to their unwavering truth.

Think of this series like your own personal Netflix. But instead of feeling guilty binging on hours of television, you’ll be watching inspirational, uplifting, healing and powerful interviews and training sessions on topics like:

  • Finally understand the way your body works so you can have more energy and fall in love with your life
  • Smash through the blocks that have been holding you back from what you desire most
  • Climb out of the crud and get on top of living your most incredible life!
  • Stop caring what other people think so you can build your self worth
  • Awaken your sexuality so you can live in a state of flow without judgment
  • Learn to accept who you are deeply as you are (perhaps for the first time, ever!)
  • Set strong boundaries and dissolve the habit of being people pleaser!
  • Learn the truth about money and be guided to TRUE wealth and leave the blocks behind.
  • Learning about feminine energy so you can live a fully expressed life!
  • And so so so so many more juicy topics such as these!

This is an event you want to watch!

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Becoming Unshakeable

This powerful event is here to revolutionize women’s lives, through teaching practical tools, techniques and practices they can implement into their daily lives that will transform their very way of being and have them walk away with the belief that anything is possible! From unlocking the divine wisdom and magic that resides within every woman, waiting to be discovered and brought out into the light to enable them to live their most LIT UP life.

Our goal is simple. We want to break the glass ceiling over your life so you can create the most liberated, joyful and embodied life!

With all the uncertainty in the world today, it can be so easy to put your vision and deep desires on pause, believe it’s not possible, and settle for a life that doesn’t fire you up or inspire you!

It’s time to come alive! What are you waiting for!

A sign? Well this is it!

When you sign up today you will receive a FREE gift! To save your seat for this exciting event and receive YOUR free gift… just click here.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Blessings and bye for now!

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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