Birth Trauma — 2 workshops and 2 books

If you are concerned about pregnancy/parenting/birth trauma, two important workshops and two books are here…

Birth Trauma - contact Aingeal Rose & Ahonu for more info
Pregnancy and Birth: What is C19 Teaching us about “Trauma Informed” Choices?

This promises to be a deep and informative One Day Virtual Live Conference with great speakers including our dearly beloved pioneer Dr. Michel Odent. You can hear one of the speakers, neonatologist Marilyn R Sanders, talking about how she uses Polyvagal Theory in her work with birth trauma babies here:

Jeanice Barcelo is a Birth Traum specialist. She is offering an Early Bird Discount — Get 20% Off the price of the Parenting Program when you register before May 31, 2021.

Birth Trauma - contact Aingeal Rose & Ahonu for more info
Birth of a New Earth Parenting Program

Please click this link (More Info) to receive the 20% discounted price.

The first was called, Healing Birth, Healing Earth: A Journey Through Pre- And Perinatal Psychology. This book is important in the understanding of birth trauma.

Healing Birth Healing Earth by Shirley Ward
Healing Birth, Healing Earth by Shirley Ward

The second book is Birth Earth Our Future. The tagline reads: Our conception and birth define who we are, how we relate to each other, the Earth and our future. Shirley’s books are part of her Healing Birth to Save the Earth Series and are vital for understanding birth trauma.

Birth, Earth, Our Future by Shirley Ward
Birth, Earth, Our Future by Shirley Ward

You can find them on Amazon here:

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Finally, if you believe you may have signs of unresolved birth trauma, Aingeal Rose have a special discount off Akashic Records readings for you.

Enter AR20 — apply this coupon code at the checkout on to get 20% off all readings! Book A Reading



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