Blood, Sovereignty & The World Economy

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu asked the Akashic Records about blood, sovereignty, and the world economy.

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
10 min readAug 5, 2022


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In this session, we asked about blood, and what it means to be sovereign. Then, we asked about the current economic state of the world.

Aingeal Rose: Before we begin, I’m seeing a lot of crystal light, which I’ve never seen before. It’s not white, it’s crystal clear, and it has little rainbow filaments going through it. I don’t know the implications of that right now, just that I haven’t seen this before. Next, I see a lot of blue light. It’s telling me that oxygenated blood is filled with blue light. How about you?

Ahonu: I got a vision, I suppose you could call it, of eyes as stars, and stars as eyes. That’s the strangest thing. It reminded me of when you asked what is God, and you saw billions of eyes. I didn’t see billions of eyes, but I was looking into a night sky and seeing all the stars, but they were eyes, and then the eyes were stars. All right, let’s go to our first question:

What is Source’s opinion about donating blood?

Aingeal Rose: Source doesn’t really have a problem with donating blood because it says you’re all one. If you can share or donate a type of oxygen enriched blood with a person that helps them heal, it doesn’t have a problem with that. It’s not a bad thing to do. Source says, you’re all in relationship with each other, so why wouldn’t you give something that would help another?

Some of the fears we’ve all had about donating blood, and the reason for the question, is that a person may take on imprints of you? Source is saying no, that we have to consider blood is a life-giving essence filled with iron and oxygen, and it flows in and out of our lives continually. It’s not the same as if you donate an organ, because organs have years of history in the cells. Blood is a different fluid altogether. Blood is like a river that’s moving, that’s filled with nourishment. So, if it’s to help another of your fellow humans, don’t get hung up on the imprint thing.

Donating blood

Are all blood donations used for helping people?

Ahonu: Perhaps we should give a little bit of a background to the that question, because the person who was asking was concerned that the donated blood may be used by the negative agenda for blood sacrifices, etc.

Aingeal Rose: It says three quarters of it is used for blood transfusions, and a quarter of it could be used for what it’s calling vampiric activities. You have some vampiric people in these medical fields, who use it for nefarious purposes.

Ahonu: Should that preclude somebody from donating blood because some of it may possibly be used for vampire activities?

Aingeal Rose: I don’t think so, because your intention is very powerful, especially if you make an intention before you give blood about where you want your blood to go, and how you want it to be used. Source says, these fears shouldn’t stop you from giving love (blood) if it’s going to save somebody’s life.

It’s unfortunate that there are beings like that in our world, but it’s just a fact. And you can’t live your life worrying that some portion of what you donate might not get there. Just know that most of it gets where it’s supposed to go.

Ahonu: I suppose the same thing could be said for donating clothes. They may end up going to a murderer who’s out to kill other people. I mean, who knows really, where what you donate goes. You’re handing it over.

Aingeal Rose: This question is based on energies and imprinting, and it’s not the same as an organ because an organ has the person’s history in the cells. It’s different. It’s been stationary in a body for X amount of years, so it’s not as purified, let’s say, as blood can be, even though there’s blood that’s toxic, of course, but then that wouldn’t make it into a donation, you know what I mean?

What does Source say about the economy right now?

Aingeal Rose: Economies are in a big state of flux worldwide. It all looks like it has been thrown up in the air, and we’ve yet to see where it lands. There’s lots of moving and changing of governments around the world. The whole thing is up for grabs and you’ll see a lot of changes in the future before anyone brings stability to the world. That’s some years away yet, so you’ll see drama about it for a while. You’ll see things rise and fall, new things coming up that we’ll try that might fail and not actually be what people think. Source is saying you can expect instability in the world in general over the next ten years. The world is shifting and energies are moving, governments are failing and new things are being discovered, new systems are being put in place, but nothing’s ready yet.

Things will fluctuate, rise and fall, and rise and fall. Don’t rely on being safe and protected and stable, that’s not what Source is asking us to do. It’s not telling us to build up arms, but to be flexible, to take care of ourselves. Do have some stores, because you’ll see changes in the weather with Earth changes. Those are due to cycles that are going on with the Sun, and you’re going to have to learn to flow with how the Earth changes. I’m looking at a wave. The wave is fluctuating and moving and changing, and we might see some surprises through all this where somebody might have the most dire predictions, but then you’ll get a surprise about something positive. So, it’s not going to be all uphill, or all downhill for everybody.

There’ll be new energies coming in, new things to adjust to. So, the main thing is to be practical with yourself. Don’t try to hoard, but keep sensible stores. Don’t try to stay secure the way things are, because it’s not going to happen. Learn to flow, learn to change, be watchful, because some of this is going to be really interesting.

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Ahonu: The next question in some way follows on from that. It’s about the state of the world. Now, you did outline mostly, I suppose, economic type of things, but…

What is happening spiritually?

Aingeal Rose: Okay, well, we are headed to a new world. I’m looking at brightness. Our ancient history will come back into public awareness. There will be more maturity in terms of people waking up and being willing to learn the truth about our history and our self as souls. We are headed toward a new Earth, but first, there’s a lot of clearing out to do. The spiritual part actually feels positive. The Sun has a lot to do with what happens to people in terms of how it’s changing, how it’s acting upon people energetically, what it’s doing to their brains. It’s all meant to be, it’s all a timing thing. Each time this happens, each time the Earth goes through shifts like this, species and beings are more able to be more enlightened. So, it feels positive and bright to me, even though the growing pains are not necessarily going to be fun.

The purpose seems to make a lighter world, a brighter world, a more enlightened world, a more cooperative world, a more loving world. We grow up more, we become more mature as people, more mature on how we treat each other. Our decisions will be more mature. There will be more forethought, more awareness on how our thoughts and actions affect the world in general. But, there’s still a big dark chunk of old, solidified beliefs and agendas that still have to be gone, and that’s going to take a while.

Ahonu: Our last question is about sovereignty, and what it means, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

What is sovereignty?

Aingeal Rose: Source uses the word ‘sovereign’ as the same as mature? Physically sovereign has to do with the health of your physical body, knowing you can heal yourself, inventing holistic ways to help the body heal, to help it stop aging, to help it reverse illnesses. This is in the process, but that too, will take a while. We are heading toward new techniques, technologies and knowledge about our bodies. Things we haven’t discovered yet will make us realize how powerful the body is. There are secrets inside us we haven’t accessed yet, like the ability to self-regulate itself, to heal itself, to catch and correct problems. There are keys inside the body that we haven’t discovered yet that will be discovered. Then there’ll be technologies built around that. So, physically sovereign means our bodies will be seen as a divine invention. The brain has the ability to change. The DNA has the ability to change. Nothing is locked into a finite system like we think.

Mentally sovereign means the quality of our thoughts are always looking to the higher level of things. They’re not bogged down in negativity, wasting our time and energies. We’re not interested in that anymore. Our thoughts are ‘corrective’. The things we say are intended to correct and heal. Our minds are aligned with higher information. Our brain’s will have the ability to receive information, and is no longer interested or invested in any kind of negative or limiting thinking.

Emotionally sovereign is when we’ve moved into the field of love. That’s the only emotion we’ll have.

Spiritually sovereign means we know who we are as a divine being. We’re all in alignment with divine beings of the universe. We’re all catapulted to a higher place of love, a place where every thought, every emotion, every intention is based on love. Every thought is corrective. Every idea supports higher expansion, and all the other stuff is gone. There’s no hanging onto or lamenting over the past. We remember, but don’t stay in the past. It’s all a present moment continually, and that moment is filled with love and higher awareness and an understanding of ourselves as divine beings.

Ahonu: That brings us to the end of our questions. Let’s hear a quick review of what we’ve covered. The first question was about blood. Aingeal Rose saw crystal light initially and then rainbow filaments. She first saw blue light and that the oxygen levels in the blood was blue and what caused it to be blue. She remarked about us all being one, so donating blood was not a problem. We don’t take on the negative imprint from a donor. Blood is a life giving essence and is filled with nourishment and can be given with love and joy.

The second question was about blood donations, whether it’s used for good or evil. She said about three quarters of blood donations are used for good and about one quarter used for vampire activities. It makes sense to make the intention before donating that the blood is used for saving lives and for providing nourishment in a loving wholesome way. Also, you can’t live your life worrying about what your blood donations will be used for.

On the economy, she said the economy is in a state of flux worldwide. Many governments are changing and many changes are happening with governments all around the world. Many efforts will bring more stability and many instability. But first we will witness much drama. Expect instability over the next ten years. We are asked to be flexible and not to worry or go into fear about these changes, but just to be in the flow with Earth’s changes as this wave passes through our creation. There will be many new things coming, but also much old stuff will be leaving.

Aingeal Rose: I mentioned that word ‘drama’. Remember, drama is theater, right? When you go to a movie, it’s not real, it’s just a movie theater. In that way, a lot of the stuff we’re going to see go on here is theater. Be aware of that.

Ahonu: The next question was about the state of the world. We are headed into a new world, a new Earth, and we will see much brightness emerging. Our history will be revealed to us, and ourselves as souls will be cleared for all to see our true purpose. The results of this shift will allow more species and beings to be enlightened. The purpose of all shifts is to allow us to grow up and be expanded, to be mature.

The last question was about sovereignty. She said sovereignty means maturity on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. On the physical, Aingeal Rose said that was to do with full health, the reversal of aging, et cetera.

Mentally, it means more knowledge, the revelation of secrets, the expansion of the mind, discovery of keys to awareness, the quality of thoughts which will be corrective. Our minds will be aligned with higher thinking.

On the emotional level, sovereignty was about the growth of awareness. It was where we moved into a field of love. Love is the only emotion we will have.

Spiritually sovereign has to do with being aligned with our own divinity, and with divine beings. And then finally, she said we would become aware of the present moment as being filled with love.

Aingeal Rose: Yes, everything we do will stem from love. With every thought, every emotion, our minds will expand, our being will expand. We’ll have greater awareness of who we are as divinity. We are moving out of this whole negative level we’ve all been in for so long. We got stuck here out of fear. There won’t be any fear. Fear is just a result of insecurity, of feeling insecure, of feeling not safe, of believing we were separated from God.

Once we know about our divine being and who it is and what it is, all fear disappears. We won’t be so invested in having to stay stable, allow ourselves to learn new things, open our minds. With that, our whole frontal lobe opens up to more and bigger vision.

Ahonu: That brings us to the end of our session today. We thank you for being with us. We’re always grateful. If you have questions, please feel free to email us. You’ll get us anytime at or on our websites at, or

Until next time, blessings and thanks.

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