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2 min readMay 21, 2020
Birth, Earth, Our Future by Shirley Ward
Birth, Earth, Our Future by Shirley Ward. Now on Amazon US:
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This is a review by Sarah Kay of Book 2 in the Healing Birth to Save the Earth Series by Shirley Ward called Birth, Earth, Our Future.

Shirley Ward’s primary calling and work has been as a pre and perinatal psychotherapist but in this book she also reveals herself as a polymath and a visionary.

This book is accessible to all readers and especially for those with an open mind, curiosity and optimism for the future of our planet and all the species that dwell within it.

The book is dedicated to Shirley’s life long friend and working partner Alison Hunter, herself a pioneer in the field of fetal consciousness. Alison passed away last year but her influence lives on. In this book Shirley takes their work several steps further by compiling her knowledge and experience and synthesizing the interconnections of our birth scripts with psychology, spirituality, science, quantum energies, philosophy, myth, history, astronomy, arts, humanities and most importantly the climate emergency which threatens our future.

A visionary understands and learns from the past in order to go forward and sees the bigger long-term picture. At a time when we have just witnessed the birth of a new mini planet we also desperately need responsible leadership for planet Earth. What an opportunity for radical thinking and change instead of the current global thinking for short-term gain and re-election, populism, greed and exploitation. The more these negative destructive patterns are repeated the greater the emergency for a sustainable, just and compassionate future.

The pandemic has forced us into a lockdown and time for reflection. There is no going back, only forward.

Reviewed by Sarah Kay — 20 May 2020

Birth, Earth, Our Future is available on Amazon (US): and Amazon (UK):



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