Chaco Canyon — Part 1 — The Beginning

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
7 min readApr 16, 2022

Ever since Aingeal Rose began this quest, she had an unquenchable desire to visit Chaco Canyon in Northern New Mexico. We honored it and followed it. You’ll find in this story our unfolding understanding of what Chaco Canyon was all about, and what it was trying to teach us.

This is the beginning. You’ll find us entering it with some expectations. As this series about our visit to Chaco Canyon progresses, you’ll find those expectations get changed, squashed and turned around. I won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll find the outcome is very different for us than what it was when we set out on this amazing journey. Enjoy.

Thankfully, we documented the unfolding revelations about our trip to Chaco Canyon, why were there and what were doing. Those who know us are aware Aingeal Rose was born on 11/11 and I was born on 2/11. All along the way, we noticed the number 11 coming into our awareness. We drove on Route 11, passed mile marker 11, and our arrival time was 11:11am. We’d pause the music at 1.11 and and make a call that lasted 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

Then we’d notice the 22s. We’d pass mile marker 22, find it was 22 miles to our destination, see our milometer clock over to 22,222.22. Or, we’d be driving at 55 mph in a 55 zone with the outside temperature at 55 degrees.

Chaco Canyon, the saga unfolds even before Aingeal Rose & Ahonu got there!
Chaco Canyon, 11-11 synchronicities Aingeal Rose & Ahonu!
Chaco Canyon, 11-11 synchronicities Aingeal Rose & Ahonu!
Chaco Canyon, 11-11 synchronicities Aingeal Rose & Ahonu!

As we recorded the synchronicites, they saved on the recorder as 1 of 11, or 2 of 22. Along with the multiples of 11, Aingeal Rose kept pulling the World Card in the Tarot. While that might seem unconnected, it was important for us because over the last few months, every time she pulled a Tarot card to ask questions about Chaco Canyon, she pulled the World Card. It was pointing to something we needed to do as a world service, or something global that was unfolding. Whatever it was, it seemed big and important, and we knew we didn’t have all the answers and clearly didn’t know what we’re doing.

From desk research, we found the tourist spin is that Chaco Canyon dates from 850 to 1250 CE. So it’s old but relatively new in the bigger scheme of things. We knew there was more to it than that, so to help us prepare, we did a Quantum Jump to try to find answers.

But in our Quantum Jump, we found that it went beyond Chaco Canyon, way back to the formation of the planet. There were various dimensional splits that took place at that time, and we were there. I don’t mean just Aingeal Rose and I, it’s very likely that most people on Earth right now were there at the time. That probably explains why so many people are here right now. That in itself brought up a lot of other things.

Quantum Jumping with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The Quantum Jump revealed that many extraterrestrials became citizens of Earth at the time. I don’t mean that in a political way, they just ended up living here in order to stabilize the grids, and do whatever was necessary to successfully seed the planet.

There were other threads of connections, too. Coming from Ireland, I grew up knowing it as the Emerald Isle. Aingeal Rose read Emerald Tablets of Thoth. She was doing gridwork at the time, in Florida and the Caribbean, parts of which we now know to be Atlantis.

All this might seem very disparate information, unconnected shreds, little pieces of a great puzzle. But we’re starting to thread it all together because in that Quantum Jump, I found I was part of the Lyrian race who came to Earth at that point in time. I came down at Chaco Canyon!

Chaco Canyon National Historical Park

It’s interesting that the name of the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia is Aslan, or Atlan, a version of Atlantis. These are very thin threads. There may be no substance to them. They may or may not have any real consequence, but we’re threading them together because we feel we’re on a path of unfolding. The puzzle parts are starting to fit together.

While the 11–11s are interesting, the whole business of 12–6 twins are intriguing. Aingeal Rose and I are 12–6 twins. The twelve are crucial because that’s part of a clock face with the twelve is at the top, the six is on the bottom, and the three and nine cross it. So you have the sacred geometry of North, South, East, West which is a foundational function of Native Navajo, Hopi and Zuni rituals.

Chaco Canyon alignments

It’s no accident that Chaco Canyon is located very close to the Four Corners in the United States. It’s the only place in the United States where four States meet together in one place. That’s a political divide, of course, so it’s nothing to do with the greater scheme of things, but it’s interesting their headquarters should all be located in that Four Corners area, very close to Chaco Canyon.

Chaco Canyon, NM near the Four Corners
Location of Chaco Canyon near the Four Corners

So the synchronicities are happening and we’re on the road exploring and finding out what it’s all about. Aingeal Rose believes it has to do with ascension and ascension codes. I believe that’s also why we, and so many others, are unfolding their life purpose, which is part of that dimensional split that we often talk about where we are facilitating the ascension of Earth.

We’re here to restore ascension frequencies in Chaco Canyon. Those frequencies were in the land originally, because the Lyrian people carried with them the ability to ascend, the ability to take themselves out, and re-materialize themselves. I was aware we still carry the original ascension codes and we’re going there to reactivate these codes, to put them back in the land, and basically resurrect the place if we can, or at least put the ascension frequencies on grid lines that will carry through the Earth for all people.

Also, I was aware that there were souls that did not make it out back when cataclysms were happening on the Earth. There were souls that did not ascend out. They didn’t make it and they went underground, just like many native peoples tell us in the cultures. We’re being asked to put these frequencies back in, so they can get home.

This first session is an offloading of our thoughts and to document our journey. We are being vulnerable in our own expectations and our own thought processes about this whole idea of finding our extraterrestrial origins. And it changes as we learn more and more and more, and that’s why we encourage your comments and your sharing because it’s a good thing to explore all of this.

We found from own Quantum Jumps, and physically being on the ground and ingesting our Sacred Earth Waters (, that we can learn a lot more than we can through books, or even scientific methods. Certainly we can learn a lot more than listening to the historical narrative.

It’s all unfolding and it’s all subject to change. It’s a dynamic system we’re in, and we are learning so much. We’re glad you’re with us and that you’ve read this far.

We encourage you now to follow on with the rest of the series because, as I mentioned at the beginning, our own thought processes changed, our expectations changed, our learning changed, and I won’t spoil it for you, but the final outcome is rather interesting.

Blessings and thank you.

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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