Complete Book Makeover

The first workshop is for existing authors who are not happy with their book and want a complete makeover.

The second is how to write your book, and the last one is how to publish it for success!

Workshop #1Complete Book Makeover.

If you self-published and you’re not happy for whatever reason, the first workshop is for you!

DATE/TIME: Monday, May 2nd at 10–11am PST.

PLACE: The comfort of your own home or office — but if you are in Prescott, AZ you are welcome to come in person!

NOTE: This is a 4-week complete workshop. 1-hour per week, with guidance and homework to help you make your existing book a success! Places are limited — not a joke! If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, all sessions will be recorded.

COST: $200 for all 4 weeks.

Click here to reserve your place now.

During this content-rich workshop, I will be taking my own published work that I’m not happy with and I will strip it of its cover, re-title it and completely redesign everything about it. The 4 sessions will take you on your own manuscript and cover makeover journey, presenting the tools I use to completely revamp it all, and show you the path to success.

Your book should be attracting new clients, winning speaking engagements, selling your workshops, programs, etc — let’s get it revamped, published and producing!

Claim your place now.

Your work’s complete makeover will be my highest priority for the 4 weeks of May 2022!

I look forward to seeing you. Professional Book Publisher

Professional Book Publisher, Twin Flame Productions LLC

P.S. Side-by-side with Aingeal Rose, I’ve published more than 1,000 books and aired nearly 500 podcast episodes. Now all my expertise is available to you to get your book done right. So, if you self-published your book and are not happy for whatever reason, attend and make it right. Your manuscript is a valuable resource — don’t let it languish!




We Coach with Love ► We Design with Joy and ► We Publish & Distribute Beautiful ☼ Books (0ver 1,000 books published!)

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

We Coach with Love ► We Design with Joy and ► We Publish & Distribute Beautiful ☼ Books (0ver 1,000 books published!)

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