Do You Not Think God Wants This?

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
3 min readSep 29, 2018

While journaling about humankind in the world today, my wife Aingeal Rose asked me a critical question, “Do you not think God wants this?”

Genetically modified species, that’s the consensus of what we are — organisms that were experimented with, modified, done away with, and modified again. Who determines when the human species was right? All in all, we have to admit the human is a miraculous creation. Such diversity in one organism; it has the ability to think, reason, feel, construct, imagine, cry in joy and in sorrow, expand its consciousness, receive and transmit information, make decisions, choose its fate, and reproduce. It even has the ability to resurrect itself, to self heal, and to overcome aging and death, if given the right ingredients.

Do you not think that God wants this?

If there a God at all, in the sense of a being who overlooks creation and either nods in acceptance or frowns in displeasure? Has the genetic soup we call the human being changed in its potential despite man’s alteration of its gene codes, cloning, attempts and reproductive mixes between races? The inherent divinity we call the ‘life force’ seems to continue unabated regardless of the distortions of science over the generations. Indeed, divinity continues to emerge through the increasing gifted and genius children being born, through the imagination of minds open to receive, through advances in healing technology, through inspiration and music. Where did these things come from?

Some teachings claim that the human being (and this world) is an illusion, a fragment of a mind gone mad with separation. Others claim it’s all one big experiment controlled by alien races, and we as humans are here only to experience everything and anything. Still, there are those who look upon the human as a species carrying an original sin against God by the mere fact that it is physical. But again, I ask you, considering the wide range of abilities and potentialities contained in a life form we call human, do you not think that God wants this? If indeed a God exists, and if God doesn’t exist, where does that leave us?

If we weren’t distracted by following some man-made rules about pleasing God, or molding our lives around other political and religious dogma, who would we say we are? I’d say each one of us is quite a magnificent creation of its own accord.

Each one of us is a universe within ourselves, a solar system, a galaxy, a mind of unlimited projections. How many big bangs have we caused by our own ideas and manifestations? How many quantum fields have altered moment-by-moment?

To say that we are walking gods would be a good assessment of who we are. How many multi-dimensional realities have we created just by the many faces of ourselves, not to mention the planes of existence we created in order to work together, play together, refine ourselves, experiment, and love? So, who is this ‘other’ that claims ownership of us that pretends to have permission to change us, to feed us, to squelch us, and destroy us? This imaginary force that appears as a false authority to whom we pledge allegiance — where did this come from, and how did we start believing in it? When did we first become afraid of ourselves and of who we are? When did the manipulation happen? Was it a gene gone wrong?

It could be, but the goodness remains as the memory awakens of ourselves. We shake ourselves out of our reverie like emerging from a coma of forgetfulness. We look out upon the vast sea of human beings, and instead of seeing a mass of ignorant, animalistic creatures, we see instead a giant assembly of ‘Gods’ immersed in a sea of self-creation, more powerful than any force we can comprehend. We see each as genetic scientists of worlds, and we realize we are the immortal creators of the universe!

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