Fear Of The Future

Fear Of The Future is a short extract from a discussion between Aingeal Rose & Ahonu while on a road trip.

Hi, my name is Ahonu and on behalf of Aingeal Rose, I want to share with you an extract from one of our weekly sessions where we talked about our fear of the future. You can read it below, listen to it here, or watch it on YouTube.

Fear of the future is very valid in this time period, in this great time of change. It’s very short, have a read, and see how you go.

I think this is all part of “The Fall”. It is our fear of the future and our worry, whether things are going to work out for us or not in business, or in relationships, or in life in general; terribly worried that you’re going to die in the cold, or you’re going to die hungry, or you’re going to die unloved, or unwanted, or lost. And if we could only see it as the game that it is — a game of monopoly that you can get up from the table and walk away whenever you like.

Photographer: Joshua Hoehne | Source: Unsplash

And so what if you lost a house or a hotel, buy another one, or arrange something else. So, it has all this kind of worry that goes on with us. And that’s part of the Fall that polarized and it’s solidified and it gave us to worry about the passage of time. So getting back into that paradise mindset, I think is perhaps the most beneficial thing that we can do is to meditate. Perhaps it’s something we should do every day.

See, I told you that will be very short. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next week. Bye bye.




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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

We Coach with Love ► We Design with Joy and ► We Publish & Distribute Beautiful ☼ Books (0ver 1,000 books published!)

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