For Readers Wanting Global Good News!

Here’s a look into the near future for readers wanting global good news while at home. We are publishing two very timely and compelling books very soon.

A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose and Birth, Earth, Our Future by Shirley Ward
A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose

Preview — A Time of Change is written by Aingeal Rose for this time period. No one can deny that we live in exciting times. Changes are occurring almost daily on every level of our lives. Never in our lifetime have we been witness to a global awakening of this magnitude. First published in 2012, it is completely revised and updated for 2020 to account for all the recent world events. Careful, it might contain global good news.
Birth, Earth, Our Future by Shirley Ward

Pre-order Here — Birth, Earth, Our Future is Book 2 in the Healing Birth to Save the Earth Series by Shirley Ward. Shirley has been an eclectic psychotherapist, healer and trainer for over 45 years. She was the International advisor to APPPAH, USA and has lectured and run workshops at the United Nations in Vienna, England, Russia, Ireland, Europe and America. Her first book in the series is Healing Birth Healing Earth which you can buy on Amazon here.

Publishing your book may seem daunting, but it’s all worth it when you’re holding your finished book in your hand. Let us help you tell your global good news so you can tell the world you’ve published your book!

Blessings & bye for now and may our next book be yours!

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have published over 1,000 books, several of which deal with how to remain positive and grow in awareness. The 100-book series “Answers From The Akashic Records” is available for only $7.99 each from The Kindle books are only $2.99. Along with publishing books on consciousness, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu teach how to read the Akashic Records here. You can find more from Ahonu & Aingeal Rose from our Facebook community: Visit our website: SUBSCRIBE on YouTube for more consciousness-expanding podcasts and videos!



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