Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey, we don’t have to remind you, this is Valentine’s Day. This is the day the world is in love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

But in fact, there is love everywhere. All day, every day. We all know that.

But this is the day we tend to express it. And I want to express my love for you. My love for Aingeal Rose. My love for all our children, all our families, all our friends.

Happy Valentine

But all cultures, all nations, all colors, all races, all nationalities. This is the day to feel happy. That we are one. We’re together. We’re in love with each other, with creation, with the potential of humanity. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a blessed day today and every day!

From Ahonu and Aingeal Rose.

Happy Valentine's Day from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu



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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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