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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
5 min readOct 22, 2022

Use it to read yourself, your friends, your family, or start your own Tarot Reader service… without ANY psychic ability, no prior knowledge, or even having to learn the entire 72-card deck!

Tarot For Beginners by Aingeal Rose

At last, a Tarot teacher that will have you reading the Tarot like a pro!

Have you always been afraid to try the Tarot because of the drudgery of learning by rote the interpretation of all 72 cards? Are you fascinated by the cards but their interpretation eluded you?

Join this 1½ hour-a-week class for 6-weeks! You will be amazed!

The Rider Tarot Deck Workshop by Aingeal Rose


Aingeal Rose has TAUGHT hundreds to read and heal with the Tarot, changing lives for the better in the process.

Introducing: Tarot for Beginners

This is a 1½ hour-a-week for 6 weeks TAROT workshop that guarantees you amazing results. After most tarot classes, you might come away having learned 2, 4 or even 6 cards — after this workshop, you will come away with all of them!

You will have revealed information about yourself, unlocked inspiring secrets from the cards that you never thought possible!

You need no psychic ability, no prior knowledge, and the only thing you bring is your own deck! Just register here and be ready to become a Tarot reader!

Class learning to read the Tarot with Aingeal Rose
Class learning to read the Tarot with Aingeal Rose

In this unique 1½ hour-a-week workshop, we explore the Tarot on many levels. After this workshop, you will have grasped the Major and Minor Arcana, colors, numbers, symbols and spreads. You will uncover information about yourself and others, from the mundane to the deeply spiritual. If time permits, we will do a healing exercise with the cards!

At this 1½ hour-a-week, 6-week Tarot workshop, you will…

  • Read yourself and others
  • Find guidance and inspiration
  • See your potential
  • Glimpse your soul purpose
  • Access your own internal psychic abilities

Important: Here’s what you don’t need!

  • You don’t need to be a ‘spiritual’ person!
  • You don’t need any ‘psychic’ ability!
  • You don’t have to have anything that needs to be ‘fixed’!
  • You don’t need to learn things by repetition or rote!
  • You don’t need to leave home or travel anywhere!
  • You don’t need to read anymore of this… just scroll down and register!

Unasked for Testimonials

I didn’t believe it was possible! But now I read the cards like a pro! Liz

It was a lifelong dream come true to read the cards. Thank you! Bella, Tarot Reader

I dreaded learning the cards because of having to learn 72 card interpretations by heart. Aingeal Rose’s method is an astonishingly simple method! Debbie

Aingeal Rose taught me a new and better way to read the Tarot. I now use it in all my readings. I am so much more effective and I am so very grateful. Fred

You will never need to take another Tarot course ever! Linda

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Includes Aingeal Rose’s Tarot for Beginners eBook

Aingeal Rose’s Tarot For Beginners book is on Amazon

Here’s some background, just in case you need to know a little more…

The TAROT has been known as a method of divination for centuries. It certainly is not new to any culture in the world and it is still widely used as a tool for seeing into the future and guiding individuals in their lives. For me, the TAROT has revealed itself to be a powerful tool for personal transformation that strengthens not only psychic abilities, but deep inner knowing. The Major Arcana itself takes us from being an adept who is just learning about their inner world to a high level of personal mastery.

The TAROT can become one of your greatest allies in understanding the nature of things beneath the surface of your conscious awareness. It is a tool that unravels deeper and deeper mysteries the more you use it. It also brings friends together for entertainment and sharing as well as deep healing. Its uses can last an entire lifetime.

In this 6-week course you are welcomed into the world of the TAROT! You will learn about suits and seasons, career, relationship, thoughts and perceptions, money, passion, creativity and more! You will meet the Court Cards of the TAROT — the personalities that make up the Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. You will be introduced to earth, air, fire and water and you will see how your own spirit moves through them. Most of all, you will have fun doing so and open the door to deeper levels of YOU!

Come prepared to read the Tarot cards in a new way that will propel you into a new confidence in yourself!

Join us as we take the journey into the world of TAROT and be with us around the hearth of friendship.

Here is what you get…

  • 1½ hours-a-week, 6-week Tarot workshop with choice of daytime or evening
  • Personal attention in a small, secure group online class
  • Expert guidance from Aingeal Rose, a 40-year Tarot expert
  • Amazing insight and interpretation of every card in your own life
  • A free copy of Aingeal Rose’s ebook “Tarot for Beginners

Where, When & How Much?

Where: This is an online Tarot For Beginners workshop, but if you are in Sedona, come in person.

Dates: Starts Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, then each week for 6 weeks.

Hours: 2 options — morning or evening: 12:00noon-1:30pm and 7.00–8.30pm.

Payment: $175 for all sessions.

Notes: Includes Aingeal Rose’s Tarot ebook. Attend 1 or both sessions. Full recordings.

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YES! I want to attend this special Tarot for Beginners Class with Aingeal Rose.

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