How to Be The Director Of Your Life

This is a follow on from a previous article called, The Movie Script of Aging, Dying & Death. In that article we discussed the planes of existence before life, the planes of existence during life, and the planes of existence after death. We spoke about the possibility that our reality might be likened to us being in a movie theater; that our lives might be a dream scape. We mentioned this dreamscape was the same thing the Course In Miracles talks about when it says we should make our lives a happy dream as opposed to a sad and upsetting one. Even so, it is still a dream.

So, we’ve used the metaphor of the movie theater to build on this possibility. We are in the movie of our lives; we are the actors and the actresses. We are the movie, and we’re such good actors and actresses we have made it all so believable for us and for our audience. That was the previous episode, and it concluded where we said we’d come back and explore the possibility of what it would be like if we were to be the director of the movie instead. So, let’s look at that possibility.

Most of the time we are so immersed in our roles as players, actors, stagehands, we don’t remember it’s a movie. But the director does. The director knows it’s a movie. The director is involved in every aspect of the making of the movie. So, let’s step back from our perceived role as an actor, and imagine for a moment we’re now the director. Let’s consider ourselves to be the director of our lives, let’s become the creator of our reality.

As the director, we’ve set up all the scenarios. We’ve ordered the backdrop, the lighting, the crew. We’ve created the atmosphere, the environment, the tension, the drama, the excitement. We’ve created the whole thing to give a certain impression, to give one actor a life of joy and happiness and another a life of difficulty and sadness or whatever, depending on the level of consciousness of the actors and the actresses.

Instead of being told what to do in your life, you as the director, call the shots. You say, let’s leave this bit out, let’s put this bit in, let’s grow this one’s character, let this scene be violent, that one loving. Let’s dwell more on this pose, focus more on that detail. Let’s bring out this characteristic in this actor because he causes something to happen in other characters.

This is what a director does. The director directs the action, directs the outcomes, tells the story to give the maximum impact. But remember, you as the director know where the stage door is. You as the director are creating the film. You as the director can walk into the movie theater of your life at any point in time and say, Oh, this aspect needs to be better, or that characteristic should be improved, or let’s take the focus off that and put it on this.

Maybe at the previews you as the director say, yeah, you should have spent more time with your family there or, you know, next time around, I won’t do that, or I learned this for our next movie, or whatever, but you get the point.

How do we become the director?

Well, we first have to master being an actor. We’ve seen that in countless films throughout the years and through the history of Hollywood. We’ve seen how people just don’t walk into the position of director or just assume they will sit in the director’s chair. They come up through the ranks of being an actor, actress, and they’ve gone through all the different jobs in the movie making business so they understand how it works. They understand the stage, the setup, they understand drama, timing, voice, the musical score, they understand camera technology, lighting, location; they understand their creation. Most of all they understand how to make an illusion.

What did I just say?

They understand how to make an illusion, and they know how to make that illusion believable. That’s what a creator is, and that’s what you and I have done with this reality. We are the directors, but we didn’t realize we were directing our own movie.

I now know I’ve been acting instead of directing. Until now, I’ve felt powerless to change anything in my daily drama. Many times I’ve handed my power away to anyone who will take it to make the reality of my creation go away. I did such a good job of it; I was so masterful in its creation I got lost in playing my part; I forgot the plot. I forgot that I was the director.

Now, if only we could somehow remember where that stage door is? Where is the entrance? Let’s move towards that and step outside, even for a short while, so we can realize that we are the directors. How do we do that?
This is one thing Aingeal Rose & I like to do. We like to give practical spirituality in a changing world, and this is one way we do it, we step outside.

If you go into a little meditation, you are then stepping outside the movie theater. In that place of conscious awareness in meditation, you can do all kinds of things. You can fly, you can walk through walls, you can shrink to the size of an atom, you can be in two places at once, you can do seemingly impossible things. Notice how these are the same things masters of consciousness can do.

You can do all these things because you’re not bound by the confines of the movie theater. You are outside the walls of the studio. You can walk around, you can run. You can meet other directors of other movies. There’s lots of other things you can do and lots of other ways you can express yourself out there.

One way to go outside is by practicing a method we teach called quantum jumping, where you metaphysically jump from one movie theater to another. You jump straight out of one drama into a comedy, out of one adventure into a thriller, or from a horror movie into a fairytale. This is an easy practice and you will love the experience of it.

We’d love to teach you. If you contact us, we will send you the know-how. It’s easy, and once you learn it, you don’t have to come back for constant lessons. It’s not a long, winding journey and doesn’t need much practice. It’s a simple technique. Once you learn it, you’ve got it, and you can quantum jump all you like. You will have fun jumping into fantastic realms, having amazing adventures, and exploring exotic realities. That’s what it’s like being a director.

Next time, we will explore more of what it must be like to go above the level of the director. We will look at what it’s like to be the ‘owner’ of the movie production studios. Let’s see what’s in store for us as we dive deeper, deeper, deeper into the layers of our existence. Until then, thank you and bye-bye.



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