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5 min readMay 31, 2020

I want to give my thoughts and opinions on the grief that people are experiencing on various levels.

I turned on the news today to see what the state of affairs is in the U.S. I saw all the riots and violence and protests and at first, I was upset, but then I heard a voice say, “Remember the riots in Chicago many years ago?” The point was this has happened before — it’s not new, and it passed.

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I remember at the time Carolyn Myss was to give a lecture in the heart of the riot district in Chicago and she did it despite the risk. She drove through the riots with car bombings and looting going on around her and she wasn’t touched. She maintained that it was because she was in a place of peace without fear. It reminds me we can hold this higher place and indeed, it is our work to do so.

What is happening now is the great battle between light and dark intensifying as we are in a paradigm SPLIT. The realities are splitting and the choice is to stay in the death paradigm or shift over to the eternal life paradigm. Light vs. dark is the same as life vs death and never the twain shall meet. Choices need to be made now. The jig is up. We have been earth beings of the death paradigm for millions of years — it is wired within us, so it is a biological, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual way of being.

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What is the death paradigm? Here are its manifestations:

  • The belief in death itself, that death is ‘natural’, it is inevitable’, loss and suffering
  • The victim/victimizer belief system
  • The blame, guilt, sin, punishment cycle
  • All beliefs in having to ‘earn’ — worthiness, reward, ascension, prosperity, acceptance, love, innocence, spiritual advancement
  • Religious dogmas and other spiritual ‘belief systems’ with rules
  • Ideas that the physical universe is bad, is disobedience against God, or of the devil
  • Beliefs in having to eat a certain way to be considered ‘advanced’
  • Programs that sex is bad
  • Beliefs that self-love in any form is selfish
  • Beliefs that sacrifice and serving the world is the only lofty goal in life
  • The belief in sickness, pain and decay

and on and on it goes….

When we say, “NO” to this paradigm, all forms of death rear their ugly heads in us. We are swamped with death and its effects on multiple levels. It will not let go of us without a fight. This is a complete transformation — there is no grey area where we can keep some deathist ideas and beliefs and let some go. Eternal life is a complete paradigm — it has no death within it. It is true love. We must let go of all death to manifest and BE the eternal life paradigm.

The Eternal Life Paradigm is:

  • Immortality on every level of being, no death
  • Love and acceptance just because you ARE
  • Infinite power, creativity and manifestation
  • Beauty, communication and bliss as a natural state of being
  • Timelessness
  • Abundance as a natural occurrence
  • Perfect well being always, no sickness or pain
  • Eternal youth and energy
  • Joy, exhilaration, awe as constant states
  • Bliss, bliss and more bliss
  • Giving and sharing among all beings for the joy of being love, and on and on it goes, eternally!

We can see that death has to be weeded out of us — every form of it has to go and this is a process, a major detox… challenging, difficult involving the death of our old selves and the grief attached to that.

To the grief we feel at the loss of those we love… since death, sickness and suffering are unnatural states of being, it is a horror for us to experience loss on these levels. Every fiber of our being screams that we know it is not right, it shouldn’t be, it is insanity. The sadness is overwhelming. We’re told to accept this as Nature. But NO, we have memories of immortality within us. Where did death come from and how did it happen? Where did it begin? The real question is when did we forget our immortality?

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Regardless, it’s time to claim it back, to love ourselves enough to say “YES” to ourselves. We will continue dying until we clear all beliefs and obediences to its reality. Each person arranges their own death subconsciously and in this way it is none of our business. Until we all ‘get it’ we will keep coming and going through the birth-death cycle. On this level of consciousness, we have not yet awoken to the truth of ourselves as immortal beings. Yet, we are still safe in love’s arms even though we cause needless suffering to ourselves and others. So, if you are experiencing the craziness of death and loss right now, allow yourself to grieve, be angry, cry and feel the sadness and loneliness of it all.

The tragedy of it is the knowledge that ‘this need not be’. And then set yourself to be a solution to the problem of death and all its manifestations and choose eternal life. Be willing to BE the shift into the new world. Be willing to be cleansed and purified and take on the mission.

Love and blessings,

Aingeal Rose, Author

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