Introduction to Shirley Ward’s Book, “Birth Earth Our Future”

Written by Shirley Ward, this is the introduction of Birth Earth Our Future, her 2nd book in the Healing Birth To Heal The Earth series. (eBook ISBN: 978–1–880765–82–1 and Paperback ISBN: 978–1–880765–83–8). It can be purchased from direct from Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here.

In our time we have come to the stage where the real humanity begins. It is the time where we partner Creation in the creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, the regenesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture, the culture of kindness. We live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source, so at to become liberated and engaged in the world and in our tasks.’ ~ Jean Houston

In 1960 at the age of 18 I wrote an essay for my entrance into Bedford College of Physical Education for my career as a professional sportswoman. The title was, The Universe Is True For All Of Us And Different For Each Of Us. That was 60 years ago!

Imagine my deep shock when I sat down to write the second book of my series entitled Birth Earth Our Future and that essay in its original folder fell on me quite literally from my bookcase. I am a thousand miles away from where I wrote it and in a different country and at least 29 different accommodation addresses since its conception! The date, September 1960 is written on the spine of the folder. It has followed me around and is a fractal for this book where I now have 60 years of world and human advancement to answer the questions!

In it I discussed the origin of things, the existence of God, time and space, the nature of the mind, the meaning of life and the fate of the soul. I spoke of cosmogony, (the theory of the creation of the Universe) looking for the truth.

I considered as truth only that which was clear and distinct that could not be doubted — but decided that if the truth of everything is at all within human reach it must be very deep and abstruse. I also wrote that to hope anyone reach it without pain, when the greatest geniuses have failed with the utmost pain, is difficult to believe.

At that time I did not know that Stephen Hawking, who was to become one of the greatest thinkers in the world, had been born in January 1942, and would go on to research so many of these questions. When he died in March 2018, his posthumous book Brief answers to the Big Questions contained his final thoughts on the universe’s biggest questions. How did the universe begin? Will humanity survive on Earth? Is there life beyond our solar system?

As we face potentially catastrophic changes, thousands, if not millions of people, are working to save the planet from destruction. They are giving hope to millions who also despair at what can be done and see the destruction continuing — but everyone can, and must, have a part in the healing.

In the 1960’s there was a little ditty going around, “Two men looked through prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars.” So, what do we see, mud and destruction and do nothing about it, or see the beauty, and work to transform ourselves and save our planet for our children’s children?

Each one of us has a unique story, a story of our individual life, a story within our family and our community. Every story carries that unique truth that the universe carries for us and we have a part to play in the future of humankind and our earthly home. We all have a meaning in our lives.

On my own journey, some of which is described in Book 1, Healing Birth Healing Earth, I describe as being a fractal or repetition of my nine-month birth journey. I had to bring into consciousness and heal the negative patterns, or recognize where they came from, and then develop the positive potential to use for the good of others and the world around me.

Healing Birth Healing Earth by Shirley Ward

There is a long way to go but the consciousness is changing, not only in me but in millions of people.

In this, my second book, in the part on Birth, I continue the depth work of pre and perinatal psychology, describing the possible origins of the destructive personalities formed during the first nine months of life. By understanding more of the life of the baby in the womb, and also gentle birthing practices, we can help to slow down these destructive patterns.

The human race is destroying our earthly home. Through understanding the roots of our birth and why we behave as we do, we can stop the use of fossil fuel, decrease plastics, assist in keeping the planet’s temperature down and decrease our carbon footprint. We have a responsibility to know what we are doing to our babies in the womb, by smoking during pregnancy, getting drunk and being abusive. Knowledge, care and kindness are needed more than at any other time in history.

In the chapter on Earth, I bring in a simplified Time Chart of the Universe showing human development and how speech, language and intelligence has evolved and affected the planet. Since writing in 1960, many questions have been answered by creative visionaries who have devoted their lives to finding answers. This chapter outlines how these visionaries with different ideas, (artists, sculptors, writers, painters, designers) throughout the ages have made a difference. Creative intelligence with its various forms and activities, is what makes a human being.

As Jean Houston so beautifully put it,

“Each one of us are melodies in the Divine and we can join the orchestration of the whole, with the music of our minds.”

The above extract is part of Healing Birth to Save the Earth series. The first book in the series is Healing Birth Healing Earth. The second is Birth, Earth and Our Future. The third book (to follow) in the series is Global Healing. Details of all books/workshops/courses from



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