Love Your Mother — A Water Essence To Raise Frequency

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
2 min readMar 26, 2020

We co-created a water essence to raise the frequency above that of the current viral disease and send love to Mother Earth through her aquifers and oceans. Will it work?

The intention is to drop this water into all the oceans of the world. It’s easy to participate and to benefit at the same time.

If you go here you can download FREE OF COST a metaphysical subtle-energy image. Open and print the image. Print at least 4 for your friends. Attach a printed image to a clean glass of pure spring water overnight. Then place it on an altar, if you have one.

Keep it in your thoughts, honoring the sacred gift that it represents. In the morning, thank the water and your unseen allies who have raised its energy. Drink some of the activated water and share the rest with those you love.

Carry some of the water with you, perhaps in a small bottle with a dropper. Place a drop in every body of water you pass over, raising its frequency as well.

People all over the world are inoculating local water to this high energy. Dowsing suggests we have accomplished about 65% of our global objective at this point.

All water in interconnected, and we are the water people ― 70% water.

Earth is the water planet.

Help us raise its energy to a high frequency that permits only good health, peace, and kindness. It makes you feel good!



Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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