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5 min readFeb 22, 2023

OMG, Author Shiloh Russo Stone has released her latest book on the Great Cosmic Shift for Hue-mans, Earthlings and Innocent Bystanders! OMG You’re So 3D is now on Amazon worldwide!

The Great Cosmic Shift is on! New book by Shiloh Russo Stone
OMG You’re So 3D by Shiloh Russo Stone

OMG, we are now participating in one of the greatest cosmic shifts in consciousness that has ever occurred on any planet. It is a fast shift, a dynamic shift, a result of rapid intellectual awakening.

This shift is not about the division between humanity, but darkness and light. The separation is not between people, but consciousness. The choice is not between governments, but between good and evil. It is not between you and I. It is between us and THE GREATER GOOD!

A shift in consciousness equates to an alteration in awareness, perception, vibration, and frequency. It happens on a mental level and is then transferred to reality through the Law of Reflection.

So, what’s the problem?

OMG, the humans are really starting to wake up!
ONG, the humans are really starting to wake up!

Author Shiloh Russo Stone explains: Well, we need a lot more people to wake up and that’s why yet another book is being written about the same thing. It is the hope that when enough books are written and read, the result will be success for humanity and planet earth. More will wake up and this multi-dimensional state of consciousness will expand for the benefit of all.

People have a hard time describing multi-dimensional states of consciousness and that’s why I’m writing this book, in a way that everybody can understand it, hopefully. The word ‘timeline’ is an interesting word because it describes time as being linear and implies that time exists along a ‘line’, or ‘continuum.’ If that is the case then everything is happening all at once, and you can experience any event, past, present, or future, through a shift in your consciousness, moving to a different place along the line of time.

OMG, I'm going to be spending more time in the 4th dimension, so I might have to break up with you!
OMG You’re So 3D

These are some of the concepts that I cover in this book, as human consciousness is ultimately leaving 3rd Dimensional reality. Human consciousness is ‘rising above,’ ascending, transcending, and re-inventing circumstances and reality. When one person begins to think differently, he or she changes their reality. When lots of people are doing it, they change the world and create a new one. We create through consciousness.

The Space Muffin Series comprises books by Shiloh Russo Stone. They include The Free Will Zone and OMG You’re So 3D. This is the series in which she shares her extensive knowledge with the world. You can find them on Amazon ( and where all good books are sold!

OMG You’re So 3D

Shiloh Russo Stone has been a student of Astrology and metaphysics for over forty years. She has worked as a professional astrologer and Tarot reader and writes non-fiction metaphysical and spiritual books. Extensively travelled, she studied the religious and spiritual practices of people in Europe and the Near and Far East. She has researched the origins of humanity and the history of planet Earth and other planets that form the Galactic Federation of Light.

As a student and practitioner of the ‘Old Ways’, Shiloh feels the ancient knowledge should be available to all who wish to use it, especially in these days of uncertainty and unrest. She is committed to de-bunking mainstream law of attraction by revealing the real secrets long hidden from humanity. Her books draw humanity’s attention to the spiritual and moral obligations they have towards each other rather than restricting their focus on merely trying to ‘attract’ large amounts of money, which doesn’t always work.

Her book series teaches people how permanent abundance is achieved through the focus on spirituality, self-knowledge, and personal empowerment.

“This book will leave you in no doubt as to what is happening, what is about to happen, and how to prepare yourself for it. A great read.” ~ Jason Holmes

“I loved the humorous and light way that serious information is shared. I would normally not read such a book, but it made sense and made me laugh.” ~ Wendy Goodman

“With the lack of clarity about what this cosmic shift is really all about, this book helps explain it simply and in a way we can all understand.” ~ Taylor Waytes

I wrote this book for beginners, intermediaries, and ‘experts.’ All of us need education and reminders where our spiritual work is concerned. I also wrote this for those who are under spiritual attack and who are having trouble breaking away from negative energies and who are being thwarted in their ‘light work’, and you know who you are.

OMG You’re So 3D is designed to help you break free and find the strength to take that final step towards your true purpose in this life. OMG You’re So 3D is a book for the New Age, and we are hard on its heels, or rather, it is now hard on ours. This is another wake up call. No more snooze button.

  • ISBN Paperback: 9798885440219
  • ISBN eBook: 9798885440226
  • ISBN Hardcover: 9798885440233
  • Cover Design: David Gerrero
  • Manuscript Editor & Designer:
  • Drawings ©2023 Caitlin, a young artist from Illinois

OMG You’re So 3D is published in the USA by Twin Flame Productions LLC, 2023 under the World of Empowerment imprint. World of Empowerment is an imprint of Twin Flame Productions LLC. Address all inquiries via eMail to or phone +1–224–588–8026.

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