The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
The Wishing Tree by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

I’d like to share a tale from an Indian guru, Jagadish Vasudev, who is an Indian yoga guru and author of stories about The Wishing Tree. Sadhguru, as he is known, tells a story of a man who wandered into a paradisiacal meadow filled with beautiful flowers, warm breezes, blue skies, and a single perfect tree.

Asleep under the wishing tree

He fell asleep under the shade of the wishing tree, and woke later refreshed but hungry. He thought of his favorite foods, and suddenly, they appeared. He thought about his favorite wine, and it also appeared.

And as he relaxed in the tree’s shade, he wondered how his favorite food and wine could have arrived the way they had. He believed the food and drink had come from those who wished him harm. This frightened him. The more he thought about it, the more he was certain he was tricked and his enemies were out to get him.

His thoughts were coming true!

Soon, he saw those enemies appear, one by one. He became convinced they would torment him. Sure enough, they crowded around him and did just that. He believed they intended to kill him. And so they did.

The man had fallen asleep under the fabled wishing tree known in India as the Kalpabriksha. Whatever he thought became real, and so he created his reality. First, he thought of sustenance and pleasure, then fear and pain, then his own death. The problem was, he was sitting under a wishing tree or the Kalpabriksha. Whatever he asked for became his reality.

A well-established mind is referred to as a Kalpabriksha in India. In this mind, whatever you ask for becomes your reality.

Like the story of the wishing tree, we create negativity by not being clear about what we want. If we don’t know what we want, the question of creating it doesn’t arise, but every human wants to live joyfully and peacefully. We want our relationships to be loving and affectionate.

We are all wishing for our relationships to be loving and affectionate.

All any human really wants is pleasantness and pleasure. And if this pleasantness happens in our body, we call it health. If it happens in our mind, we call it peace and joy. And if it happens in our emotions, we call it love. If it happens in our energy field, we call it blissfulness and ecstasy. This is all any human wants.

Whether we’re going to work, making money, building a career, creating a family, sitting in a bar or a temple, we all seek the same thing from the wishing tree at first; pleasantness within, pleasantness without. All we need is to commit ourselves to creating what we really desire without the fear.

So, every morning, I start my day with a simple blessing. I learned it many years ago from Al Koran, who wrote the book, Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind. It says,

Aingeal Rose and I extend the blessing of the wishing tree to you now, the viewer, the listener, the reader. We bless you with the Kalpabriksha, so that you, too, create your reality filled with paradisiacal pleasantness, pleasure, and peace.

The Wishing Tree by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

P.S. This story is available on our YouTube channel here. You can also listen to the Podcast here.



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