Twin Flames and Soul Mates

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4 min readAug 6, 2018

What’s the Difference?

My husband and I are Twin Flames. How do we know? I was living in Chicago and he was living in Ireland. Neither of us knew each other existed before 2006. We met at a spiritual conference in Tenerife, Spain. Nothing much happened then — just a little bit of friendly conversation and an odd familiar feeling of being extremely comfortable and at ease with each other. Fast forward to another spiritual conference the following spring in Phoenix, AZ and there we both were again! This time the connection became obvious. He would telepathically respond to thoughts I was having. He’d show up just when I needed a hug. He grabbed me and kissed me for no reason — after all, I was a total stranger! By the end of the conference, we were going to dinner, and by the end of dinner, we knew something strange was going on.

He went back to Ireland, and I went back to Chicago and we kept in touch via email and phone. Ironically, the only time we’d get each other on the phone was some combination of 12 and 6. It could be 12 midnight in Ireland and it would be 6 a.m. in Chicago. Or, it would be noon in Chicago and 6 pm in Ireland. We didn’t really pay attention to this until one morning I was awoken by a Voice saying, “ 12–6, 12–6, he’s your 12:6 Twin!” With that info, was a visual of how we only connected at 12:6 or 6:12.

Oh my God, I thought — no way!

I knew a little about Twin Flames, but I didn’t know about Twin Flame pairs and how there can be varying degrees of them. There is the Primary Twin pair — the 12:6 pair, the original spirit splitting in 2; then there’s the 3:9 pair — a lesser degree of the same pair having split itself further. The Voice was saying we were the Primary Twin Flame pair — this was huge and not to be taken lightly!

I can’t tell him, I thought — if this is true, he‘ll have to come to it on his own. Integrity makes it so — there could be no suggestion to him, no manipulation — he would have to realize it of his own accord…which he did, very soon after! But there were decisions to be made. There was resistance on both our parts. I was still healing from a partnership which ended in suicide; he was back and forth with another woman and had not fully healed from his divorce.

What do we do now? Do we pursue this? Is this romantic? How do we get together? He lives in Ireland, I in America. He came to visit me in Chicago a few months later and he stayed for 6 weeks. It was easy — easier than any other relationship I had gone through in the past. We understood each other. We read each other’s thoughts. We knew each other deeply. We had similar losses and experiences in our lives at the same ages. We had master numbers in common. Synchronicities were everywhere — Spirit made sure we noticed them. Any doubt that surfaced was quickly quelled. When there was a question, we would both get the same answer independently. But the biggest difference was the grief — oh what grief we’ d feel if we were away from each other! If I couldn’t find him in a store we were both in, I’d go into sheer panic to the point of losing my vision. If he didn’t know where I was, he’d freak out and tell me never to do that again! It was as if there was some very ancient soul memory of being split from one another — a pain that we did not want to experience again.

That this was Divinely guided was obvious. It had nothing to do with logic or what was practical — this was spiritual — something above and beyond normal attractions. This was about going Home as one again.

Now, this was VERY different than any other relationship we both had. I’ve had more than a few soul mate relationships and they weren’t like this! My soul mate relationships were very strong attractions as well — they were also telepathic with a deep connection and heartfelt emotions, but I was always aware that I was a separate person from my soul mates — they were their own person and I was my own person. I could easily be apart from them and there was no grief involved. Sometimes they were romantic and sometimes not. But they always showed up when there was spiritual growth or healing to be had for both of us. And I now understand they were all precursors — preparers along the way for me to meet my Twin Flame.

So, what does it mean to be with your Twin Self? You are one and the same spirit — there is no separation or division. You are each other. Everything is magnified because of this. Your gifts are magnified as well as your unhealed issues, which are usually the same. The responsibility of each being a representative of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is in your face. There is no hiding — the other KNOWS. If there is an argument, which is seldom, the pain is unbearable and surrender on both parts happens quickly. Each becomes stronger yet there is no desire to be apart. Service to the planet and to humanity is an obvious mission. The inner world for both comes into wholeness. Growth happens in sync with one another.

And this is just the beginning…

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