What Connects Us To Earth?

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
3 min readSep 29, 2018

Everything started as normal this morning for Aingeal Rose and I. But then we did a dimensional dive into our own akashic records. While there, it seemed it was just a regular cosmic morning. Let me describe what a cosmic morning looks like.

Everybody is familiar with those cosmic pictures of swirling gases, beautiful colors, stars and planets, swirling clouds and cosmic bodies. It is the same as a regular dawn on Earth, except it was out in the cosmos. It wasn’t bright-bright, and it wasn’t dark-dark, either. The cosmos was very beautiful, and it seemed very welcoming, and nothing major happened in terms of any great experience that I can report to you — except when the call came to jump back into our physical bodies with the cosmic doors closing behind us.

I found myself looking back at Earth. I was looking at it from a distance, and it seems that the Earth was the doorway, and the call to jump back into my quantum hallway was like jumping back into Earth while a grand cosmic door closed behind me. And all that seemed fine because — that’s our experience — we’re having an Earth experience, but this time, I didn’t want to go. The experience of the universe, the cosmic experience, was where I belonged, and going back into the Earth environment was so limiting. It was a down-stepping. And I didn’t want to do it!

It felt as if I had been on a mind-expanding trip abroad where I did not want to go back to my small-time, small-town home in case I lost the memory of the grand experience.

So, a little part of me complied with it, just as if I segmented myself. A little part of me complied with the instructions to jump through the doorway back to Earth, where the door closed behind me and I went back down the steps into the physical Earth awareness. I could see all of it from my vantage point in the cosmos, in the universality of it all. I could see how Earth life was limiting, but nonetheless a valid experience. So, a tiny part of me went with it. The rest of me stayed in this glorious, expanding, infinity of wonder and joy, of constant creation and constant expansion.

Yet it seemed there was an energetic thread that connected me to my Earth body. Through this thread, my Earth body held the smallest part of the awareness of the whole while my expanded self held a connection to my small Earth experience. Why is this significant?

Many times Aingeal Rose & I asked the question and wondered, what is it that connects us to Earth? What is it that connects the spirit to the body? What is it that comes in to animate the body at birth, and what is it that leaves at the physical death of the body? This is what it is — it is an energetic, conscious awareness that simply says, I want to experience this, and when the time comes not to experience anymore, it simply refocuses to experiences something else. The cosmic, universal, infinite mind is always there. It never stops experiencing. It is just choosing to experience this little bubble planet of Earth in the infinity of it all.

In this awareness right here right now, that feels huge. It feels enormous, expansive, while at the same time, I am aware of the confinement, the smallness, the limits of the Earth experience. But now I am aware it is a choice I am making in each moment!



Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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