What is Source’s definition of the Akashic Records?

A question asked of Source during an Akashic Records group session.

A. The Akashic Records are an all-encompassing field of light appearing as streams of color, spheres of light, information, languages, images, emotion and deep understanding.

It comprises varying frequency bands of information which include all dimensions and universes. It encompasses the collective unconscious where everything that ever was or ever will be resides. It is the same as saying it is the All That Is.

Once something is added to this field, it is recorded as being in existence. Once something exists, it is there as information, down to the minutest detail. This field of information is called Akasha. People sometimes report seeing the Akashic Records as a vast library in spirit with an unlimited number of books.

A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose
A Time of Change by Aingeal Rose

You can find out more about these Records in Aingeal Rose’s book, A Time of Change — available here.

If you’d like an Akashic Records reading for yourself, please go to my website here: https://aingealrose.com and book a one-hour or a half-hour session.

Aingeal Rose https://aingealrose.com



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